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Pelican’s Watch

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Pelican’s Watch

A different documentary about Santorini

                    «Pelican’s Watch»

Pelican’s Watch is a documentary that approaches with great sensitivity the world of wine in Santorini.


A small community on the island has a unique duty to preserve the local tradition of viticulture.

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One of the key issues raised in the film is that, even though the extraordinary Santorini vineyard is the oldest one in Europe, it is currently being buried in concrete due to the unregulated development of the tourist industry on the island. Viticulturists and wine makers, the local wine union and local administration, vineyard workers and citizens, all form part of a fragile system that reflects Greek society at large, at a time of a profound economic, political, cultural and moral crisis. The forces of creativity and productivity are up against a society lured by easy profit from irresponsible entrepreneurship, which exerts a deleterious effect on the identity of the island.

In this film the main characters shape the narrative through their personal moments and thoughts about their life, work, relationship to God. The filmic point of view is investigative, focusing on the underlying causes of the problem and on the psychology of the people. It is a poetic and humorous take, rather than an indictment.

Produced by studioCrocus & Nico Manessis


Written & Directed by Lea Binzer


Original Music Score: Laura Gini


Cast: Nikos Pelekanos, Christos Dalmiras, Paris Sigalas


Song Lyrics: Lena Kitsopoulou


Lute, Mandoline: Michalis Markopoulos


Vocals: Irene Tsirakidou & Panaghiotis Kaperneka

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